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The Annesley "Royal Scots" were a staple feature of Great Central passenger workings from September 1962 to November 1964. Disliked by footplate crews and maintenance staff alike, they were substituted at every opportunity. However, they made a welcome change for the enthusiasts!



46112 "Sherwood Forester"

46112 was transferred from Nottingham Midland (16A) in September 1962. After a collision at Woodhouse Mill on Wednesday 11th March 1964 she was stored pending a decision on her future. She was officially withdrawn on Saturday 26th April but lingered till September, when she was cut up at Cashmores of Great Bridge.

46112 (below) soon after her arrival at Annesley 1963


Awaiting departure from Nottingham Victoria (below) with the 17.15 to Marylebone in April 1963


46112 at Ashby Magna (below) with  the 4.38pm Marylebone-Nottingham 24 Aug 1963

June 7th 1964 and 46112 stands unwanted and unloved, awaiting the final call.

46143 "The South Staffordshire Regiment"

46143 joined her sisters 46112/53/58 at Annesley in September 1962 from Trafford Park (9E). She was withdrawn on 21st December 1963.

She is seen here (below) in 1962 shortly after her arrival at 16B. An extremely rare visitor in the background is Hereford (85C) "Standard 5" no.73096 (now preserved).
46143 hauling the 17.15pm Nottingham-Marylebone is captured leaving East Leake (above) on 8th June 1963

46143 forges away from Rugby Central (below) with the 18.29 to London Marylebone.


......and here she is being turned at Marylebone (below) after working the 11.15 Nottingham - Neasden parcels (including the previous night's stock from the "newspapers")


46153 "The Royal Dragoon"

The third of the September arrivals was 46153, again from Trafford Park (9E).
This loco proved to be the shortest - lived of the Annesley "Scots", lasting just less than 3 months before she shed her inside motion whilst working the 17.15 Nottingham - Marylebone. She was withdrawn in the week ending 22nd December 1962


46153 is seen here (above) at New Basford with the stock for the 17.15 Marylebone. Not many photographs of this loco exist on the GC, due to its short life on the line.

46158 "The Loyal Regiment"

The last of the initial four "7P's" (to replace our four "Britannia's") also arrived from Trafford Park in the shape of 46158. 14 months later, she was withdrawn.


Two shots of 46158 "on shed" at Annesley: (above) prepared for the 17.15 Marylebone on 31st August 1963, and (below) February 1963 sees her ready for a northbound freight working.


Two hours into her journey, a leaky 46158 storms out of Rugby Central (below) with the 16.38 ex-Marylebone in this undated shot.


A new arrival at Annesley, (with her nameplates still in situ!) 46158 is seen at Woodford (below) in October 1962 with the 17.15 Nottingham - Marylebone

Driver Ralph Cumberland can be seen here (below) on his regular job, 8D04 16.30 Hotchley Hill - Annesley, approaching New Basford station. Although still fairly new to 16B (nameplates!) 46158 is already doing her share of menial duties.

46126 "Royal Army Service Corps"

The last week in November 1962 saw the arrival of Willesden (1A)-based 46126. No better or worse than any of her sisters, she lasted just ten months before her demise.

Above, we see 46126 at Nottingham Victoria with the 11.15 Neasden parcels. This job also returned the previous nights newspaper stock to the capital.

A bright spring day in 1963 sees 46126 (below) accelerating through Ruddington with the 08.15 Nottingham - Marylebone.


Here she is (above) leaving Rugby Central with the 17.15 Nottingham Victoria - London Marylebone.


Our final shot sees 46126 with the 08.15am Nottingham-Marylebone
 near Ashby Magna on 25 May 1963

46122 "Royal Ulster Rifleman"

December 1962 saw Carlisle Upperby (12B) send 46122 as a replacement for 46153. She was to become Annesley's longest - serving "Scot" lasting at 16B a full 22 months before her withdrawal on w/e 17th October 1963. On paper, she was supposed to return to Carlisle, but instead went to Draper's scrapyard in Hull.

46122 had been at Annesley for just a month when she was photographed on the shed front (below) January 13th 1963


1964 sees her (below) in the loco siding at Leicester Central station


After working the 02.20 Nottingham - London (the 23.05 Manchester - Marylebone sleeper) on 25th March 1964, 46122 went "off the radar" until Friday 3rd April, when she was found to be under repair (below)  at Woodford MPD. Here she stayed until Friday 1st May, when she arrived back at Annesley at 07.55.



It is July 1964 and here she is (above) at New Basford carriage sidings, ready to depart with the stock for the 17.15 Nottingham - Marylebone.

46122 is seen here (below) at Barnstone summit with the 09.00 (S.O.) Sheffield-Bournemouth.  20th June 1964.


46122 (below) pauses at Leicester Central with the 18.15 Nottingham-Rugby on 3rd June 1964. 92073 will follow her with yet another Woodford - bound "runner"



46122 waits to depart (above) from Nottingham Victoria with the 17.15 to Marylebone in this September 1964 photo. 
The Annesley "Black 5'" 44717 will follow with the 18.15 to Rugby Central.

Back to the menial 46122 enters Annesley Yard from the north (below) with a Class "H" freight. Judging by the snow on the platforms of Hollinwell & Annesley Halt, it is probably early 1963.



Dead on shed (again!) 46122 stands on the "slip" road at Annesley MPD in this undated shot.

January 1963 saw the arrival of four more "Royal Scots" 46101/11/63/69 to Annesley depot, all from Willesden (1A), giving them a total of no less than NINE of the class, exactly the same as Camden in 1959!

46101 "Royal Scots Grey"

Arriving in the first week of 1963, 46101 lasted just nine months before her withdrawal.

Seen here (below) on the "slip" road, outside the shed shunter's cabin at Annesley MPD, 46101 looks every inch the run-down machine that she is. Long gone are the glory days of the West Coast main line!


January 1963 and 46101 has only been at Annesley for a few days but already her nameplates have been removed. Here she is (below) at Nottingham Victoria - you can almost feel the cold!


It looks like the cleaners rag has been round her in this fine broadside shot of 46101 (below right). She is awaiting departure with the 17.15 to Marylebone.



The final shot (above) of "Royal Scots Grey" was taken at Willesden (1A). The date is 29th October 1963, and she has been withdrawn nearly 2 months.

46111 "Royal Fusilier"

Lasting just one month longer than 46101, 46111 was the second arrival from Willesden in 1963. Annesley (and the GC) were fast becoming the dumping ground for other depots cast-offs.

Below we see her over on No.7 road, in a deplorable condition, with what looks like a tender of slack!


The date is 20th July 1963, and driver Charlie Roe & fireman Derrick Hemmens are the crew on 46101 (below) as she rolls down to New Basford carriage sidings to collect the stock for the 17.15 to London Marylebone. Colwick men are forging uphill with "WD" 90438.



The only time you would see a "Scot" on Woodford MPD was when it had failed en route. 27th April 1963 sees 46111 (above) on the shed front.

Two months later (29th June) and she is back in action, seen below climbing the 7 miles of 1 in 176 of Ashby bank with the erstwhile 17.15 Nottingham - London.



Although out of use again, here we have a fabulous colour shot of 46111 at her home depot of Annesley.

46163 "Civil Service Rifleman"

46163 was the first "Scot" I fired, on the 06.20 all stations to London Marylebone. It was in June 1962 - a few months before they were transferred to Annesley. One of the better ones in a decidedly bad bunch, she would go on to be the second-longest serving "Scot" at 16B, being withdrawn on 29th August 1964.


46163 is seen here (above) at Annesley MPD on 18th April 1964 "prepped" for the 17.15 Marylebone job. She is in an unusually clean condition due to the fact that she was on an Ian Allan railtour to Doncaster works on 7th April. Sent down from Annesley to Leicester the day previously, she is seen at Leicester Central (below) having the headboard affixed.
At Nottingham Victoria in 1963 (below) awaiting departure with............yes, you've guessed - the 17.15 to Marylebone.


Here she is (below) on the outskirts of Loughborough with the 08.15 Nottingham - Marylebone. The date is 13th June1964


You can almost feel the cold! The 2 shots below see 46163 at Leicester Central on 20th January 1963.


Below we see 46163 at East Leake with the 11.15 Nottingham - Neasden parcels. The date is 16th July 1964.


Five days earlier she is seen below with the 17.15 Marylebone at "The Vic'"
How are the mighty fallen! Out of use awaiting the scrapman's call, here she is (below) in her final days at Annesley.


46169 "The Boy Scout"

Discounting 46153 which failed in service and never ran again, 46169 had the shortest tenure of any "Royal Scot" at Annesley - January to May 1963. This Willesden reject also proved rather photo-shy. I only possess 3 pics - all taken south of Rugby.

Pulling into Rugby Central (below) with the 14.38 ex-Marylebone.


46169 is seen here (below) leaving Rugby Central on Thursday 25th April 1963 with the 17.15 Nottingham - Marylebone.



Our final shot of 46169 (above) sees her out of use at Woodford MPD on 4th May 1963. She was withdrawn the same month and was later broken up at Crewe Works.

Replacements for 46101/69 arrived in September 1963, 46125 arriving w/e 14th and 46167 a week later. Two more Willesden rejects.

46125 "3rd Carabinier"

With the blower on, and the "white feather" showing at the safety valves, 46125 is ready to depart (below) on the 08.15 to Marylebone.



With their West Coast heyday just a memory the Annesley "Scots" were increasingly used on freight turns. Here we have 46125 (above) at the "Vic'" with an Annesley bound class "7" freight, and (below) at Ruddington with the 09.48 Annesley - Leicester class "8"


Looking in poor condition, with piston glands leaking, here she is (below) climbing Ashby bank with the 11.15 Marylebone Parcels. The date is 31st March 1964.



Two more shots with 46125 out of use, over on no.7 road (above) she is probably spending a Sunday recuperating, and (below) on the "legs" road obviously more incapacitated (if not withdrawn!)


46167 "The Hertfordshire Regiment"

Another short - lived member of the GC "clan" was 46167, lasting for just 6 months before her demise....

Here is 46167 just after her arrival at 16B (still with nameplates) at Nottingham Victoria (below) leaving with the 11.15 Marylebone parcels.



Here is 46167 at Annesley MPD ready for her next turn of duty on 29th September 1964 (above) and out of use in 1964 (below) - the lazy disposal fireman has neither swept the smokebox char from the framing or removed the lamp from the top bracket!


Following the demise of 46111 on 28th September & 46126 a week later, our final Willesden (1A) reject 46156, arrived the first week in October. The following month 46158 fell by the wayside, to be followed by 46143 in December. This meant that Annesley MPD was down to only six of the class. The call of "bring out your dead" eventually reached Crewe (5A) who sent us our final "7P" 46165 on w/e 22nd February 1964.

46156 "The South Wales Borderer"

46156 lasted at Annesley exactly one year before withdrawal. However her availability was "iffy" to say the least. For example after working the 11.15 Marylebone parcels on 18th March she was under repair (at Wellingborough of all places!) until 23rd April........a works visit would have taken less time!


46156 has just left Sherwood Rise tunnel (above) and is en route "light engine" to Annesley MPD

46156 is seen (below) with the 09.55 (SO) Leeds - Poole climbing the 1 in 176 of Ashby Bank on 20 June 1964


46156 (below) with the 17.15pm Nottingham-Marylebone at Leicester Central on 11 Jan 1964.


Waiting at Rugby Central (below) with the 08.15 Nottingham - Marylebone.


46165 "The Ranger (12th London Regt.)

46165 was the final "Scot to be allocated to Annesley, and the final one to be withdrawn, on 21st November 1964. She outlived her last two sisters 46122/56 by one month.

46165 is seen entering Carrington station (below) with the 09.48 Annesley - Leicester class "H" freight.


Fireman Pete Bradbury looks on as 46165 (below) passes New Basford station with the stock for the 17.15 to Marylebone on 13th June 1964.


Approaching Rushcliffe Halt (below) with the 17.15 Nottingham Victoria - Marylebone.


Driver "Lol" Yates and fireman Graham Cook, shovel in hand, are ready to depart from "The Vic'" with 46165 and the 17.15 to London Marylebone. The Annesley crew will work be relieved at Woodford.
Graham is still "watching the birdie" as 46165 gets under way.......